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I am a novelist and a Messianic Rabbi In Training (MRIT) who lives in the greater Portland area of Oregon. I am in my 40s and enjoy a wide variety of interests outside of Messianic theology as well. I am currently seeking God’s will for my ministry, and working on a Messianic theology book written in an accessible style, with the working title of DATING THE MESSIAH.

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  1. YARED

    i am an ethiopian jew and wants to attend the training to be a rabbi for serving my comminity

  2. Meg

    Hello Craig, the Lord brought you to mind this morning, so I looked up your Blog. I love the way you teach the connection between the Old Testament and the New, your teachings are beautiful and profound. May the Lord bless you deeply. I hope you are doing well in Oregon.

  3. Tom Kittock

    Hi Craig, we were just talking about you and looking at your website. Hope all is well with you. Glad to see you’re still putting out good Torah studies. We have good memories of you at KSS. Shalom, Tom

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